Additional Doctors

Dr. Glen Atlas MD

Graduate: Rutgers Medical School

Specialty: In-office Anesthesiologist

Bio-medical Engineering (Steven IT)

Dr. Gordon Chiu ND


Consultant for regenerative research, Dr. Chiu has several patents and conducted research on Flu CH1N1 Virus (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine) Current research on the application of AI on Alternative Medicine (Staff at Harvard Medical School)

Dr. Michele Lee PT CST


On-staff Pediatric and Adolescent Consultant


Michele provides Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Upledger Institute ) for dental stress (TMJ, headache and clenching), pediatric anxiety and developmental issues, orthodontic crowding and palatal expansion intervention, as well as Somato Emotional Release and ankyloglossia (tongue ties and dysfunction which frequently create orthodontic and airway/breathing problems)

Additional Staff:

Jess Clifford; Inventor of Dental Biocompatibility testing (in memoriam)

Michael Simko; Systems Engineer (in memoriam)

Kenneth Maffeo; a new energetic technologies.