Dr. Joseph P. Trovato DMD, FAGD, FICOI

He helped pioneer and teach new laser protocols, which are currently being utilized today in periodontics and holistic pediatric dentistry. He is also an expert in preventative functional orthodontics.

Dental Degree

Doctor of Medicine Dentistry (DMD)

University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ (now Rutgers)

Fellowships and Memberships

Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry

Fellow, International Congress of Oval Implantology

Associate Fellow, College of Oral Implantology

Associate Fellow, American Society of Osseointegration

Founding Member, American Society for Dental Sleep Medicine

Fellow, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Periodontal Experience


American Academy of Periodontics


Povoxin- a sub gingival povodine iodine delivery system is utilized as an adjunct to his periodontal to enhance Bone Regeneration.


“Laser-assisted periodontal pocket therapy”, Dental Products Report; August 2002

“The Role of the General Dentist In Periodontal Care” AGD Journal; May/June 2003

“Nuts and Bolts of a Productive Soft Tissue (Periodontal) Program

Dental Town, November 2001


  1. Periodontal Protocols for Laser Bone Regeneration (Developed by Dr. Trovato for Biolase Corporation; taught laser surgery for 30 years)
  1. Holistic Laser Bone Regenerations Surgery utilizing Povoxin (Patented) and combine ozone homeopathic preparations (designed with Dr. Memoli)
  1. Keye’s Technique- sub gingival baking soda and peroxide technique to disinfect the gums, utilized as a conservative gum treatment instead of surgery. He practiced this technique for 30 years, his father, also a dentist practiced this since the 1980’s.

Orthodontic Experience


International Association for Orthodontics American Association of Functional Orthodontics


“The Standardization of the Temporo Mandibular joint” The Functional Orthodontist, Jan/ Feb 1996


Cranio-sacral therapy (administered by 2 Physical Therapies on staff) to guide jawbone development Myofunctional Therapy for children to aid in airway, jaw expansion and proper tongue development. Functional Appliance used in adolescents to establish proper palatal expansion and jaw development ALF appliance to assist natural palatal expansion. Orthodontic (clear, plastic) Aligners in an attempt to avoid metal exposure from braces.  (Nickel and Titanium).

Holistic Pediatric Dentistry


American Society of Dentistry for Children


Dr. Trovato utilizes lasers in protocols we developed for children and lectured other dentist. Many of these protocols do not require local anesthesia and do not damage the dental nerve or tooth.


Enamel Re-mineralization – proper toothpastes and rinsing and nutritional considerations. Dentine Development: Assessment and recommendation to assist odontogenesis. (Developed with Dr. Memoli)